Why need to I select SafeSystem-FUE – how is it better than traditional tactics?

Risk-free Process Follicular Device Extraction Increased (FUE2) isn’t a conventional course of action. SafeSystem is a technique that doesn’t require cutting or stitching and there isn’t any scars still left. SafeSystem is a lot more like pores and skin tattooing than conventional medical procedures, and therefore offers a long-lasting and aesthetic solution. The SafeSystem-FUE technique won’t include surgical chance along with the likely complications are so gentle that in many nations it is categorised as a dermatological in lieu of surgical intervention.
Must I’ve my hairhungary  with the method?

It’s not needed. The treatment is usually executed at any size of hair, even though you might be proposed to chop your hair quick within the donor area. From the situation of clients with long hair a particular extraction procedure might be employed, making a haircut unwanted.
Won’t the hairs skip from exactly where they are really extracted?

No, they won’t. 60,000 to 80,000 hairs may be observed within the sides as well as again in that horseshoe-shaped area from the place they are really extracted. The ten,000 hairs eliminated for transplantation is not going to display, owing to some really individualised intervention approach. For most conditions, however, five,000-6,000 hairs are ample.
Is there a ensure that the transplanted hair is retained?

Using the method we us, it is the hair itself that may be transplanted – in contrast with other, significantly less present day, but nevertheless used methods, the place strips reduce through the scalp are inserted. Transplanted hairs will keep their features, just as people today will stay exactly the same regardless if they go to another place.